Our review of the year 2022

Hello everyone, an eventful year is drawing to a close and we would like to take a brief look back together. The year 2022 was again marked by bad news around the world that affects us all. After we had hoped that things would become quieter and quieter after the corona pandemic and that a little normality could return to our everyday lives, another global crisis arrived in the form of the Ukraine war. Auch durch die damit entstandene Energiekrise wurde uns immer klarer, wie eng verbunden globale Entwicklungen doch miteinander sind. With all our understanding for the displeasure about the increased costs, we must not forget the suffering of those who are not only now in even more challenging life situations than we are. For us as an association board it was a challenging year as we felt the responsibility towards our students, parents, teachers, cooks, bus drivers and our host family in Ghana. Um bestmöglich helfen zu können, ist Basti Mitte des Jahres nach Ghana geflogen, damit er sich ein eigenes Bild von der Situation machen konnte. He describes in detail in a video the impressions he gathered during his visit to Ghana and to our school. Unfortunately, the Beneficial School had to remain closed for a long time. Many children had to help their parents to earn a living and therefore do not currently attend school again. Many live on their few savings. As a consequence of the Ukraine war, new poverty and hunger revolts are threatening Ghana. The Russian war against Ukraine has had obvious consequences here as well. After the consequences of the pandemic and the climate crisis, Ghana is also once again being dragged into a crisis mode caused from the outside. This makes it difficult for the parents of our children to pay the transportation fees for the children on a daily basis. As a result, many children unfortunately stay away from classes. At the same time, there is growing concern that social unrest or other upheavals may occur in response. Governmental support measures were lacking for all families of our students during the Corona Pandemic and also now. Wir hatten uns deshalb entschieden übergangsweise die Schulen zusammenzulegen, damit genug Schüler/innen Zugang zu Bildung bekommen können. Despite all this, we as an association have grown together again in this and the last years and especially for this we thank you. Our school will probably reopen at the beginning of 2023 and we will steadily improve the school extension. This year, we had already focused on the completion of the sanitary facilities and the installation of electricity. Two special highlights this year were also the renewed fundraising run of the elementary school Arnkielstraße , where all children ran again for our projects. The result is a wonderful 7700 Euro. Thank you very much! We are also very happy that our donation container from Hamburg arrived in Ghana without any complications and we were able to hand over about 6 cubic meters of donations of all kinds to our students and families. Without you this would not have been possible. We also say thank you! The whole team wishes you all a healthy start into the new year and stay healthy. Your Tommy & Basti

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