2017 comes to an end

Dear friends, 2017 will be remembered as a successful year for us. The construction of the school is progressing continuously, more than 60 children are already visiting the first four classrooms, teachers and parents are happy about their daily progress and we were also on site twice in this formative year to tackle and master the upcoming challenges. We are confident that we will be able to realize further and larger implementations in 2018, which we will consistently adapt to the needs of our students. The course has been set - as highlights for the coming year we have organized concerts with well-known artists, numerous fundraising parties, sporting fundraising campaigns with sports clubs as well as information events, so that we can realize further important projects. In keeping with the year in review, we met with "Milky Chance", who have been following our plans for years and through whom we were able to complete the start of school construction in 2015. We very much hope that you too can look forward to many personal highlights and we wish you a wonderful 2018.

Your Basti

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