Report on the consequences of the Corona Pandemic and the Ukraine War for our students, teachers, families and friends. (Video)

In the video (see below) Basti describes in detail his impressions he gathered during his visit to Ghana and our school in the last 8 days. Unfortunately, the Beneficial School had to stay closed for a longer period of time. Many children had to help their parents to earn a living and therefore do not visit the school again at the moment. Many live on their little savings. As a consequence of the Ukraine war, new poverty and hunger revolts are threatening Ghana. The Russian war against Ukraine has also had unmistakable consequences here - with further increases in hunger and poverty. After the consequences of the pandemic and the climate crisis, Ghana is again being dragged into an externally caused crisis mode - with further increasing hunger and poverty. Russia's war against Ukraine threatens Africa's food security in the long term. Ghana is also feeling the consequences and has been plunged into economic and social crisis by the war. They now face inflation, social hardship, more hunger and poverty. The war in Ukraine may be taking place thousands of miles away from Ghana, but its effects are being felt across the West African continent. From rising fuel prices to difficulties importing food. Our host father, Ben, tells us that the price of gasoline has currently tripled. This makes it difficult for our children's parents to pay the transportation fees for the children on a daily basis. As a result, many children are unfortunately staying away from classes. At the same time, there is growing concern that social unrest or other upheavals may occur in response. Governmental support measures were lacking for all families of our students during Corona Pandemic and also now. We have decided to temporarily merge the schools so that enough students can have access to education.

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